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2023 Christmas for Children Application Instructions

Beginning this season, the program is being revised to get back to the original vision - to supplement a family’s need for Christmas gifts. The organizers believe that the program has grown to give an over abundance of gifts to the families they’ve served and wish to better serve everyone by making some significant changes.


  • Replacing the previous Program Application is a simplified Intake Form with no deadline.

  • A parent / legal guardian will “shop” for gifts in a reimagined Toy Warehouse.

  • "Shopping" is limited to 2 age-appropriate gifts per child.

  • Single gift value is no more than $40.

  • Bikes, game systems, electronics, and gift cards are not offered.

  • Limited sizes & quantities of WINTER COATS available first come, first served.

  • Parent / Guardian “shop” dates: Sat, Dec 16 and Sun, Dec 17, 2023.


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